Berry Gardens Growers Ltd is a wholly-grower owned co-operative.

On joining, each grower owner becomes a member and shareholder in the co-operative. This ensures that we focus on delivering the best product and service to all our stakeholders, can share costs and benefits, creating strong efficiencies in the supply chain and intuitively understand what it takes to delight the consumer with the very best fruit.

Our growers are part of the governance structure of the business.

The Berry Gardens Growers Ltd Board of Directors draws its membership from our grower community and we work hard to ensure the correct blend of commercial and agronomic expertise, whatever our member’s location and speciality.  Passionate and knowledgeable about our subject, most have spent a lifetime in the business. The Board meets four times a year to review the company’s overall business and strategy.

Berry Gardens Growers Limited’s Executive Team works closely with our distribution partner, Driscoll’s, to formally discuss business issues and to ensure efficient and sustainable supply of quality fruit.

We aim to meet all growers members on a regular basis, either on farm, or through our programme of agronomy days delivered by our in-house team of agronomists.


Robin Walker –  Chairman, Berry Gardens Growers Limited

Robert Pascall – Vice Chairman and grower, Clock House Farms Ltd, Coxheath, Kent

Amelia McLean - Grower, Hugh Lowe Farms Ltd, Mereworth, Kent

Angus Davison MBE – Grower, Haygrove Ltd, Ledbury, Herefordshire

Charles Kidson - Grower, Lower Reule Fruit Ltd, Gnosall, Staffordshire

Charmay Prout - Grower, Flavourfresh Salads Ltd, Southport, Preston

Robert Rendall - Associate grower, Boxford (Suffolk) Farms Ltd, Sudbury, Suffolk

Tim Place - Grower, Place UK Ltd, Norwich, Norfolk


Patrick Bastow - Managing and Sales Director

Laura Stapley - Finance and Administration Manager

Ron Marshall - Head of Production Planning

Andrius Kumstys - Head of Agronomy

Dr Claudia Carvalho - New Variety Development Manager

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