Strawberries are the most important fruit grown by Berry Gardens Growers Ltd’s growers in line with their leading market position.

We produce approximately 35% of UK-grown strawberries on our farms located from Kent to Scotland.

The main varieties we grow are: Junebearers Malling™ Centenary, Driscoll’s® Matilda™ and Malling™ Allure. Everbearer varieties, producing later in the summer, include Favori, Driscoll’s® Beatrice™, Driscoll’s® Katrina™ and Driscoll’s® Zara™.

Strawberries are available from mid-March to November by using a combination of techniques including glasshouse production, heated tunnel production and ambient tunnel production.

All our strawberries are grown under polythene tunnels to protect the plants and fruit from the vagaries of the British climate.

We believe that Driscoll’s® Zara™ strawberries are the very best you can buy and they offer the ideal combination of colour, shape, flavour, aroma and texture as well as being deliciously sweet.

Strawberry Growers