Blackberries are traditionally thought of as a cooking berry, very often combined with apples in crumbles and pies.  However, our main genetics provider, Driscoll’s, have recently bred a new sweet eating, dessert quality variety of blackberry called Driscoll’s® Victoria™.

These blackberries are nothing like the hedgerow blackberries that you might remember picking with your parents or grandparents. They are big, sweet and packed full of nutrients with as much goodness as blueberries.

Production of Driscoll’s blackberries by our growers has expanded considerably over the last few years and we are the UK’s largest blackberry producer. They are now grown under glass, heated tunnels and cold tunnels for weather protection, to ensure they are available from April to November.

Other new sweet, dessert-quality blackberry varieties from the Driscoll’s breeding programme are being advanced, and these include Driscoll’s® Henrietta™ and Driscoll’s® Laurita™.

Blackberry Growers