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Boxford Farms

Established in 1938, Boxford Farms are an ambitious and growing business. The young team at this third generation family business is leading the industry in innovative, environmentally sustainable growing practices over 185 hectares of fields, orchards and glasshouses on the Suffolk/Essex border.

Alongside its orchards and asparagus, Boxford grows strawberries, raspberries and blueberries for Berrygardens, with 6.2 hectares of biomass heated glasshouses - all packed at its ‘Peake Fruit’ packing site.

Boxford has won awards for its ‘circular economy’ as it produces over 2.3 MW/hr of green energy from its on-farm Anaerobic Digestion plant and 3 solar installations. The ‘digestate’ from the AD Plant is used to fertilize its crops, introducing organic matter to the soil. Boxford even uses the waste heat to produce its own beneficial insects to stop strawberry pests. Boxford also recovers more than enough rain and recycled water from its buildings, tunnels and glasshouses to use growing its crops.

Peake Fruit