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Hugh Lowe Farms

This family business started in 1893 when Bernard Champion arrived in Mereworth with an ambition to become a leading fruit grower. Wild strawberries flourished in the local woods so he planted his first crop that year. He needed fruit for the family stall in Covent Garden market, which his older brothers ran.

There have only been three ‘guvnors’ since then – following Bernard, his grandson, Hugh Lowe, who took over in 1955 – and his daughter, Marion Regan who now owns and runs it with husband Jon Regan. The farm is rooted in history, but we have never stood still: our successful past merely drives us forward.

Our roots may be in the tradition of growing berries on the sunny slopes overlooking the Weald, in Kent, but we have been able to farm here for so long by our willingness to evolve. We remain agile and able to adapt to the customers requirements all the time interrogating our operation to make improvements where we can.

We have a made a host of new investments in the last few years including new training rooms, accommodation, new glasshouse and planting our first Vineyard.

Our strawberries and raspberries are available from April until November. We choose varieties carefully because we aim to supply the freshest best tasting berries to our customers all summer long.

Hugh Lowe Farms